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We do these brown bear/grizzly and black bear, over bait, hunts in unit 13 at the base of the Chugach Mountains.  SCI considers the bears in this area grizzlies, and Boone and Crockett considers them brown bear.  We hunt these bears about 60 miles inland from the ocean and the boundary for Boone and Crockett is 120 miles inland. Unit 13 doesn’t touch the ocean and that’s why SCI says they are grizzlies. 


We have been able to bait back bear in this area for years, but the state just started allowing us to also take grizzlies over bait in 2014.  We have a very high success on these hunts for everyone that hunts the full 10 days. There are a lot of bears to watch, and some of them seem as if they have never seen humans before.


Our grizzly/brown bear in our area have a classic grizzly coloration. Most are a shade of honey blonde and brown with darker legs. They generally square between 7 and 8 ½ feet, with 20 to 23 inch skulls.  We took one monster in 2014 that was 9 ½ feet, with a 26 ¾“ skull.


We have the three main color phases of black bear; cinnamon, chocolate and black, and they are very abundant. Our big male blacks in this area square 6 to 7 feet with 17 ½ to 19 inch skulls.  We have always had 100% success on all of our back bear over bait hunts. 


All of these hunts over bait are fly-in hunts, and we are allowed to hunt the same day we fly. The only restriction is that on the day you fly, you have to hunt only bears that are at the bait station.  We camp close to these bait stations so we can watch them all day, but not so close that we might disturb the bears.  Our camps are very comfortable 8’ X 8’ or 10’ X 10’ Bomb Shelter tents with cots, chairs and heaters.  These are not difficult hunts and usually require hikes of less than 500 yards. If you have physical limitations and can’t walk far, or just like to watch LOTS of bears, this is the hunt for you. 

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