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2024 MT. GOAT HUNTS - $14,300 (Click below for more details)

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Download: List of Items to Bring with You
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We hunt all of our mountain goats in the Chugach Mountains. The area we hunt them in has some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska; flowing glaciers, snow fields and high mountain goat pastures. Our mountain goats have very good hair early in the season, because they live right in the middle of the glaciers and snow fields. We generally hunt these goats the first 2 weeks in September. We land up high, on the glaciers, and make our camps right in the middle of the goats. By accessing this country so high in the mountains, we never have to go through any brush. In fact, we have to hike down hill to hunt them the majority of the time. We consider our mountain goat hunts to be the some of the easiest, if not the easiest, in North America. That said, being in at least moderately good shape is recommended. We only take billies, and our horn lengths have averaged 9” or better every year. We have taken several over 10 inches.


Our goat hunts are seven day hunts, and we have never had a hunter who hunted all 7 days that hasn’t harvested a goat. We also have excellent archery goat hunts with a high success rate. Most of our camps are in 8 X 8 Bomb Shelter tents with cots, chairs and heaters. The archery only season runs August 16th to August 31st, and the rifle season runs from September 1st to October 15th. 


All of our goat hunts are currently by draw permit only and require a guide/client contract before you can apply. View client contract form HERE. The application period is the same as for sheep, from November 1st to December 15th.  

Click HERE to view a list of items to bring with you.

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