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Brown Bear
Brown Bear
Brown Bear


2024 BROWN BEAR HUNTS - $27,800 (Click below for more details)

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We hunt the giant coastal brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula, out of the small village of Port Heiden on the Bering Sea Coast. This is the west side of the peninsula, halfway down between the towns of King Salmon and Cold Bay. You seem to go back to an almost prehistoric environment there, with black sand beaches, active volcanoes, treeless landscapes and huge bears.


Bear season in our area on the Alaska Peninsula is only open once a year. In odd number years, say 2015 or 2017, there is a fall season that is open from Oct. 1 to Oct. 21st. In even years it is a spring season, running from May 10th to May 31st.  We book all of our bear hunters for the entire season, 21 days of potential hunting in the fall and 22 in the spring. We prefer to do the hunts 2 clients with one guide. By getting everyone in the field at the start of the season we give our hunters the maximum opportunity to take a great trophy. Some of the areas we hunt have a good number of big bears at the start of the season, but once the airplanes start flying and the shooting starts, they quickly disappear. They didn’t get big by being dumb! By having 2 hunters in the field with a guide, while all the big bears are still out, we can get 2 big bears fast.  On numerous occasions both hunters have taken big bear on opening day.  One time both hunters took B & C Record Book bears in the first 2 hours of opening day. On traditional one on one, 10 day hunts you can’t do this. All of our brown bear hunts are over the counter tags and registration permits. You do not have to draw a permit.


We take fewer hunters in the spring because we don’t see as many bears without the salmon running.  During some spring seasons, finding a good bear with quality hair can take longer.


We have taken at least one or more 10’ bears, during the fall season, for the last 20 years. Our best B&C scoring bear had an officially measured skull that went 29 5/16 and is tied at #71 in the 13th edition of the Boone and Crockett Record Book. We have taken 10 bears in the 11 fall seasons that make the all time B&C record book minimum of 28”, and numerous others that have scored at least 26”, the minimum for the B&C Awards books. 


Hunting these big coastal giants in this unique place is a hunting classic, and we would love to provide this experience for you.


There are commercial flights from Anchorage to Port Heiden, through King Salmon. We pick you up at the Port Heiden airport and provide everything from there. Our base camp has electricity, hot water and home cooked meals, as well as some great ocean views. We will fly you out to your hunting area by super cub, where you will spike out in 8 X 8 Bomb Shelter tents right in the bear country. Warm clothing and good rain gear are essential in this environment! You can see our suggested Clothing and Equipment list for Bear Hunters HERE.

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